Glamping Dome 


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For a comfortable outdoor recreation, it is better to use glamping domes. Such eco-designs perfectly replace a country house. They are more convenient and comfortable than the ordinary-buildings, reliably protect from bad weather, sunlight, and insects.



Camping Tents can be assembled depending on the people number resting in it. There are glamping dome models with diameters from 3 to 10 m. The smallest dome construction covers an area of 7.5 sq. m., the largest is 77 sq. m. The glamping dome will fit a bed, a table, chairs, a container for storing things and dishes. Outside there are doors made of steel frame and fabric. 


There are models with small windows on the dome. If you want to enjoy a comfortable outdoor recreation, our company ASE Domes will provide any model. We prepare commercial offers at the client’s request, quickly respond to the application left, accept orders at any time, and consult on all issues.


Benefits are:

  • steel frame;
  • PVC fabric coating is non-toxic, resistant to low temperatures;
  • resistance to strong winds, the tent can be installed in open areas or the mountains;
  • dome fabric does not catch fire well, it is not subject to mold and fungi, does not absorb moisture.

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