Sota (Honey) Dome 

100% clear & frameless dome kit

SotaDome - unusual transparent tents for outdoor terraces, cafes and restaurants. Fully transparent, UV protected, frameless polycarbonate geodesic dome can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Perfectly integrates into any design.


The transparent polycarbonate sphere is quite stable, and can withstand heavy wind and snow loads, at the same time, it is easy to move it to another place. The dome is quick and easy to install when needed.


  • restaurant & cafe pod
  • office pod/work booth
  • kids playground pod
  • jacuzzi & hot tub enclosure
  • product presentation pod


Benefits are:

  • SotaDome is made out of 100% recyclable polycarbonate.
  • Use domes in any climate and any weather. 
  • Easy to move, and easy to store. 

Sota domes:

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