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Building our domes is easy, however you can choose to get help from one of our experienced crew chiefs who will supervise and train your team. 

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Complete ASE Domes will be delivered to your chosen location by one of our logistics partners. Lead times vary depending on the dome quantity, on avg. We ship most orders within 3 - 6 weeks.

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International quality certificates for the materials from which we create dome frame and cover.


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Geodesic domes

ASE Domes is a company produces geodesic dome tents. This kind of constructions has many advantages that stand out from the standard analogs:

  • a wide selection of the dome tent’s inner space volume;
  • design features provide an improved ventilation system;
  • the frame dome can be easily insulated with flexible thermal insulation materials, equipped with a heater or air conditioning;
  • awning materials are resistant to wind gusts, snow, and rain;
  • quick and easy assembly.




The Scope of Geodetic Dome Tents from ASE Domes


Geodesic Dome tents are useful in arranging campsites, organizing street exhibitions, music festivals, events, caffee, and spa-salon. Projection dome models are suitable for installing mobile planetariums and cinemas. We offer geodesic domes ranging from 6 to 30 m. The design can be either fully or partially transparent.
No matter where in the world you go and whatever is the reason for the trip: a romantic desire to merge with nature or a dream to enjoy the performances of your favorite music group – the dome from ASE Domes will provide a pleasant and comfortable stay.