Holla Grill - designer grill

Unlimited design grill


HollaGrill - combines the functions of a fire bowl, barbecue and grill.

Arrange a small holiday and please your loved ones with delicious treats on any day will be possible.
Benefits of HollaGrill:

  •  All-season — you can use it in any weather,
  •  Reliable — made from high-quality materials,
  •  Functional - you can fry, steam, bake, cook, stew,
  •  Convenient - easy to clean and transport.

HollaGrill is a work of art, a special atmosphere, gourmet dishes and soulful conversations around the fire

HollaGrill is unique in that you can cook meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, as well as desserts and drinks at the same time.


​Сhoose your own Holla BBQ

Сhoose your own Holla BBQ

Holla Grill Wide Rust

Holla Grill Wide Black

Holla Grill Classic Rust

Holla Grill Open Rust

Holla Grill Classic Black

Holla Grill Open Black

​Сhoose your own Holla BBQ