8m geodesic dome 

The use of an 8m geodesic dome is practiced in many areas. He is chosen for holding various types of events, such as music festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Moreover, a hemispherical tent is suitable for holding thematic events on the territory of a golf court, health centers or hotels.


Dome Diameter: 8m (26,25ft)

Dome Height: 4,02m (13,2ft)

Surface Area: 50 sq.m

Surface Plating: 100 sq.m


seated at tables: 60 persons
standing capacity: 85 persons
standing with buffet tables: 65 persons


8M Geodesic Dome’s Features

To install the structure you will need 50 sq. m. of free space. The ceiling height of the hemisphere reaches 4.8 meters. Its internal space will hide from 60 to 85 people under the dome's roof. 

Dome’s advantages:

  • structure’s aerodynamics guarantees resistance to wind’s gusts;
  • provides enough space to create an arbitrary layout;
  • easy and quick installation.

The 8m geodesic dome frame can be made of aluminum or steel. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
ASE Domes offers a wide range of surveying domes that are suitable for use at any time of the year and in various weather conditions.

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