10m geodesic dome 


A 10m geodesic dome provides a vast interior space suitable for large-scale events. It is used not only to create a cozy temporary home in the open air but can also be used to organize restaurant food courts, exhibitions, demonstration projects, festive events, etc.


Dome Diameter: 10m (32,8ft)

Dome Height: 5,03m (16,5ft)

Surface Area: 75 sq.m

Surface Plating: 142 sq.m


Standing: 114 persons
Seated at the tables: 70 persons
Standing with buffet tables: 80 persons


10M Geodesic Dome’s Features

The 10m dome occupies 75 sq. m. of free space. The hemisphere height is 5,03 meters. Under it, a roof can shelter up to 115 people.


Distinctive features are:

  • easy transportation and installation;
  • strong construction withstands adverse environmental influences;
  • good light transmission.

The body is assembled from durable steel or aluminum. Steel equipment requires bolt mounting and it is suitable for long-term operation. The installation of an aluminum structure is without bolts, and the period of continuous use is limited to 2 months.
ASE Domes makes tents in various stylistic designs, so our products are suitable for any purpose where you need to create a comfortable and attractive environment.

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