5m geodesic dome 




dome diameter: 5m (20ft)

dome height: 3m (15ft)
floor space: 19.6 sq.m.


seating capacity: 20 people
standing capacity: 40 people


Geodesic Dome’s Features

To set up geodesic dome an awning with a diameter of 5m, you will need free 20 sq. m. Dome's height reaches 3 meters. Parameters allow 20 people in a sitting position or up to 40 in a standing position to be inside the construction. 

Design advantages:

  • quick and easy assembly;
  • fabrication material is resistant to wind, snow, and rain;
  • does not require a lot of space for placement;
  • installation is possible at any time of the year.

The frame of 6m geodesic domes can be made of aluminum or steel. The first option consists of an aluminum frame and a plastic connector. The duration of continuous operation is up to 2 months. The second design is installed for a longer period.
ASE Domes Company produces high-quality and stable dome tents of 5m for various purposes.


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