30m geodesic dome 


Spherical structures with a diameter of 30 meters are distinguished by the largest coverage area of 706 sq. m. The geodesic dome model is suitable for holding grand events for 1075 people. Such events include conferences, business meetings, charity evenings, music concerts, sports, etc. The dome frame is made of steel beams. The base of the coating consists of 1 or 2 shells. Installation is carried out with bolts, the model has an unlimited service life.



Dome Diameter: 30m

Dome Height: 15m

Surface Area: 706 sq.m

Surface Plating: 1.414 sq.m


seated at tables: 440 persons
standing capacity: 1.075 persons
standing with buffet tables: 680 persons


30M Geodesic Dome’s Features

The high-quality tent fabric or PVC is used for the shell’s manufacturing. It is resistant to moisture and high loads, and the specific structure’s form guarantees effective aerodynamics and wind bending.


Design distinctive features are:

  • ceiling height is 15 m;
  • installation on any surface is possible;
  • resistant to UV rays;
  • minimum shelf life is 10 years.

30-meters geodesic domes can be used at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Products from ASE Domes are of high quality. Surveying domes are an unrivaled combination of practicality and elegance. Choosing ASE Domes products, you get a reliable venue for many years.


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