14m geodesic dome 


The 14m geodesic dome is an excellent solution for arranging tourist towns, campsites, children’s camps, and an exhibition stands. The design is suitable for large-scale events in various directions. 14-meter dome tent can be used during music festivals, entertainment shows, and business meetings. A hemispherical structure with a diameter of 14 m accommodates about 140-175 people under its roof.



Dome Diameter: 14m (46ft)

Dome Height: 6,3m (20,7ft)

Surface Area: 154 sq.m

Surface Plating: 384 sq.m


seated at tables: 140 persons
standing capacity: 175 persons
standing with buffet tables: 155 persons


14M Geodesic Dome’s Features

The structure’s frame can be made of steel provides 2 layers of coating. Installation requires bolts. 

Distinctive features are:

  • fabric or PVC coating;
  • easy transportation;
  • materials are resistant to strong winds, snow, and rain;
  • the design can be completely transparent or matte.

To install a geodesic dome of 14 m, 154 sq. m. of free space is required.
ASE Domes producing geodesic domes of various configurations. Our products are distinguished by elegant design, ease of use and long life.

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